The real danger

In the present age in Ezekya, the story follows the main conflicts between the Minister of Goblin Economy, Solrann, and the Supreme Elven Democrat Iyaldovv. Wars are based on interest and greed, it is no different in Ezekya. The Elves and the Goblins bout is dragging the whole planet into this chaos. Everything started 600 years ago, when Solrann ascended to Minister of the Goblin Economy and began to conquer all of the Goblin’s lands; His role was supposed to be the healer of the goblin lands after the DreadSoul war. Solrann won the election by promising to invest their resources in construction, education and health for the good of all goblin communities. What Solrann did was unspeakable. He started to exploit the resources and the labor of the Goblin people; forced work, trafficking, and excessive terraforming to mention a few deeds and only for his own gain. By transferring the funds of the other 24 Goblin countries into “Galvvos”, the supreme Goblin citadel, he single handedly made the whole goblin territory his own.

These actions affected the continent as a whole, making Ezekya a dangerous place to live. The Goblins started a major exodus of migration into the Human and Orcen lands, they started to steal, kill and rapture other species in a massive way. Some Goblins decided to go the more pacifistic way, by trading and selling with other races depending on where they migrated to. Solrann made this scheme possible with some help from the shadows. Unknown to the rest of the world, a most dangerous alliance was made under the water, an alliance with… the dark Elves, the race known as the Delven, a race branching from the mighty Elves. The Minister and his dark allies needed all the chaos to cover an even deeper evil on the works…

The Supreme Elven Democrat Iyaldovv couldn’t take all of this chaos any more. Feeling how the issues were climbing more and more to his northern lands, he built a defense facility on an island near the Goblin lands to watch over this massive exodus that was happening. Iyaldovv and his Ministers of Military Defense brought thousands of highly trained Elves to control the situation, the Orcen people felt threatened by these moves and decided to sprout into action as well. The Humans were the most affected group by these new conditions. Their lands were sited right in the middle of all the other races and were surrounded by the conflicts of the other races. Not to mention the exodus that was breaking their borders and cities…

And so another great war was brewing, and every tribe and country was readying for the inevitable war. Years passed with the tension rising more and more between races, and finally before the war broke out a sudden announcement from a unprecedented source comes to light, The Minister of Delven Economy and Defence, Yaogenn, calls to a meeting all of the commanding figures from each race, and with a grin he welcomes everyone to the Kingdom of Nordan, a Human territory in a somewhat neutral area for every race.

What will the outcome of this meeting be? Will it be fair for everyone? Is it a setup? What future can await the Ezekyans at this stage of the plan? The last story for the moment.