DMT (Dimensional Memory Transporters), beings created by nature itself, with the knowledge of the previous DMT they will reach for apex of their race without harming the other races... that said there's always some stray, greed driven beings turning everything to chaos...


A mysterious traveler from another world. After arriving by accident to Ezekya, Demian will have to face various challenges and foes.

Vell Elvish Priestess

Vell Elvish Priestess, High Lord leader of the church of Iglesta. A supreme priestess with a vast amount of years in this world and an equal amount of knowledge and power.

Thalazar the Hope of Human Kind

The original Human DMT from Ezekya. A charismatic and loyal commander, savior of mankind.

Lazz'org Orc Warlord

Lazz'org, son of Kreng'org leader and King of the Southern Orcs, a warrior with the talent of a thousand orcs, a defiant mass conqueror, praised by his people and feared by his enemies.

Pavvlan Conqueror of Ezekya

After growing up in extreme circumstances and looked down upon by his own race, Pavvlan's will to destroy Ezekya is written with blood.