A world so vast and mighty that houses some of the most powerful beings in the Universe, almost 20 times bigger than earth, with 12 Holy Moons orbiting the planet. In present times, Ezekya is going for its second round of existence after it almost got annihilated from an attack launched by Emeon. The original Ezekyan DMT (Adevya) knew its world was on the edge of extinction, caused by all of the taboos and sins committed by his fellow race. The DMT foresaw that Emeon would be furious to see that another race was creating life, resurrecting the dead and shifting time itself. Man god Himself (Emeon) stood in front of the planet and released a titanic extinction wave to get rid of Ezekya, not knowing that Adevya had a plan of his own. Adevya used a powerful spell to fuse the world’s atmosphere with the extinction wave; the fused powers generated such a high cataclysm that pushed Ezekya into the other side of the universe’s boundary. When Emeon opened his eyes after the huge flash of energy created by the clash, the planet was not there. Thinking that he succeeded, he left. Emeon left back to his Paradise with a grin of victory. Little did he know that the planet was only pushed far away from his Universal domains…

However, all of the races of Ezekya where reset to its early days, and the main Ezekyan race was divided into five groups: The Elves, that represent the immortality and magical parts of the Ezekyans. The Humans, that represent the creativity and the will to survive. The Goblins, that represent the hunger to create, to destroy and desire. The Orcs, that represent willpower and conquest. And lastly, the Faeryans, that represent the urge of caring and maintenance of the planet. All of the other species of plants, insects, animals and such were regenerated randomly by the blitzfull force of the clash, creating even more powerful beings than the ones that inhabited before. The races we are talking about were generated a few millions after the clash. Ezekya had to start all over again from the “Cenozoic era” all the way to the present where our story takes place.