Demian's Arrival

After escaping from Emeon's Paradise (Heaven), Demian's soul, mind and body were transferred randomly into the furthest planet in the universe, Ezekya. Since the rupture and division of the races in Ezekya started, a barrier of dimensional energy surrounds the planet preventing anything from getting in. However, Demian's soul entered Ezekya from the inside. Nature (Deo-Gaiath) itself protected Demian from Emeon's and the Sephiras' wrath, sending him to the only place in the Universe Emeon can't reach as an outsider.

Demian entered the planet through its very core, passing the protecting barrier, expelled through the Elven's Sacred Spring (Omphalyah). Demian, mesmerized from the whole experience, couldn't even stand up. After rubbing his eyes he opened them to see... a mysterious, sublime and colorful forest. Afterwards, a big shadow started to cast over him, and when completely in darkness a big and intimidating feathered wyvern stood in front of him. Demian completely in shock, and astonished at the elegance of such a beast with its altering colorful feathers, its majestic size, and calming aura, looks directly into the wyvern's eyes. The beast stares directly at his as well, as if looking through Demian's soul; neither of them moving just gazing at each other's existence. The cry of the wyvern almost sounded as a beautiful melody and starts to relax Demian, who understands that he arrived at the correct place to continue his mission of bringing balance to the universe.

The wyvern (Cosmosoul Gavia) embraces Demian with its giant wings, Demian closes his eyes and starts to feel the support and kindness of the Universe. Nobody knows how long Demian kept his eyes shut. All we know is, when he opened his eyes, the wyvern was gone and only a head-sized egg was in front of him. A sense of confusion and responsibility embraced Demian as he grabbed the egg and hugged it tightly, feeling a great power coming from it, but with a gentle and uplifting force.

Demian stands up and sees the forest from another perspective, realizing that a group of humanoid creatures are getting close with each passing second. Not knowing if these creatures are hostile or not, Demian tries to find a way out, but fails. More and more of these humanoid creatures are closing in on him. Finally Demian can get an actual look at the creatures...mesmerized once more by these beings, never has he looked upon such elegance and such grace, but with that much menace. These creatures were the Elves.

What will happen to Demian and his newly acquired egg? Will the Elves help him or attack him? What kind of planet is Ezekya? An infinite number of questions start to sprout in the head of our "Savior". Is Demian ready for all the upcoming adventures and misfortunes?